By Hume Johnson, PhD At the corner of Chestnut and Pine Streets, in a quiet area of Downtown Providence, Rhode Island, a massive Jamaican flag hangs from a solid brick building, flapping with pride, billowing warmth in the frigid New England air. At first, the name ‘Fat Squirrel’ plastered in large letters across the building catches us off guard but on closer approach, a black, green and gold signage (reminiscent of the… Read More

By Hume Johnson, PhD and Sabrina Caserta ‘My goal isn’t to win, it is to develop, and cultivate a career that can allow me to empower others to live out their dreams’. This is how 25 year old Jamaican born singer-songwriter Anita Antoinette described her journey on the popular American talent competition, The Voice, when The Re:Imagine Jamaica Project caught up with her for a brief chat recently. For the second year… Read More

The following is an excerpt of the PUBLIC LECTURE made   by Chairman and Founder of the Re:Imagine Jamaica Project, Dr. Hume Johnson at the Jamaica High Commission in London, June 17, 2014.  In her lecture, Dr. Johnson argued that Jamaica holds a strong position globally in terms of symbolic and cultural narratives yet remains poor. In short, the impoverishment of Jamaica is out of sync with its fame.  She asks how can this… Read More

BY SABRINA CASERTA Founder and Chair of The Re:Imagine Jamaica Project, Dr Hume Johnson will be the keynote speaker at the fourth biennial Jamaican Diaspora UK (JDUK) national conference to be held June 13-15, 2014 at the Centennial Centre in, Edgbaston Birmingham. The conference, to be staged under the theme, ‘Our Heritage, Our Legacy: Working to build a Sustainable Diaspora Movement’, will focus on reciprocal linkages between Jamaica and its diaspora in… Read More

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