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  1. At least someone is seriously thinking about Jamaicas future. I have read this blog and even though it does not go into great detail, I am impressed. I want to say as a Jamaican that I have heard that their is a so called 2030 plan for the development of Jamaica. I have never seen it, I have never read it, but this I must say after returning to Jamaica and living in Montego Bay for a year in 2011. Jamaica have very serious problems and Tourism is not the answer to Jamaica’s problems. I have while in Jamaica seen people living in squalor and dont care, people hungry and have no education, people using the health system and receiving poor quality care, young girls in school having 2 or more children by elderly men etc. What I saw led me to believe Jamaica will not make it. As was pointed out in the blog and implied their is poor planning for Jamaica’s Political Growth and development, that Politics has become a Cult of Personalities, that political influence and corruption is bringing Jamaica to the brink of disaster and that those people who motivate, educate and have some ambition is leaving Jamaica in droves and thus no one is prepared to sit down, analyze the problems, discussion and arrive at solutions and implement those solutions while including all Jamaicans and not just the Businessmen, Matalons, Issas, Hanna, etc. Jamaicans better realize as history has taught use the Indians who brought Marijuana to the West Indies brought it because they were jealous of West Indians ability to think and organize themselves. Because we have become involved with marijuana Jamaicans have lost their way, are no longer educated and progressive leaders of the world, and thus we find immigrants walking around Jamaica with the cameras attached to the back of their Blackberry walking around taking pictures of JPS, and its organization, how it functions and other places and sending the information back to India. Thus in a couple of years the Indians will have a better Electrical System for example than Jamaica and we did nothing to stop it. As Jamaicans we have to promote our people, help the young, for example, where the big jobs in Government and the University of the West Indies require a Ph.D. we should be willing to give a Jamaican student who has a Masters Degree the opportunity to get the job and allow them while on the job to Persue their Ph. D education allowing the Jamaica to grow, learn and make a contribution on the job rather than importing foreigners and strangers to come to Jamaica and fill those jobs. Returning to the point of the blog, let me warm that it has been found out and realized that both Political Parties do not have the understand, strength and the will to help Jamaica become a rich vibrant country. We are drowning in debt so much that we have the IMF dictating relief conditions to use if we want their money. We should not be in this position

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