Dr Hume Johnson to Deliver Keynote Address at Jamaica Diaspora UK Conference


Founder & Chair of the Re:Imagine Jamaica Project - Dr. Hume Johnson

Founder & Chair of the Re:Imagine Jamaica Project – Dr. Hume Johnson

Founder and Chair of The Re:Imagine Jamaica Project, Dr Hume Johnson will be the keynote speaker at the fourth biennial Jamaican Diaspora UK (JDUK) national conference to be held June 13-15, 2014 at the Centennial Centre in, Edgbaston Birmingham.

The conference, to be staged under the theme, ‘Our Heritage, Our Legacy: Working to build a Sustainable Diaspora Movement’, will focus on reciprocal linkages between Jamaica and its diaspora in the United Kingdom. It will address several key issues of importance to Jamaica’s development and the UK Diaspora such as crime, security, youth, education, employment, investment opportunities, social welfare, health, poverty, and the future of the Diaspora movement.

Dr Johnson, who is also a Professor of Public Relations at Roger Williams University, Rhode Island, USA, Political Analyst and a former broadcast journalist, says ‘engaging the Jamaican diaspora in the UK will provide an occasion to reflect on how the Diaspora may broaden the scope of its involvement in the development process for the benefit of itself and for Jamaica’.

She adds that her keynote address will focus on how Jamaicans in the diaspora can help to solidify the positive image of Jamaica, mobilise support for the development initiatives at home, and to enlist their participation in promoting brand Jamaica.

The Re:Imagine Jamaica Project is a think thank that aims to contribute to global knowledge and understanding of Jamaica through scholarly research. ‘It is important to begin a process of taking stock of our global brand image, both the areas which are positive and can be leveraged for our economic benefit and political and social advantage as well as the aspects that threaten our good name’, says Dr. Johnson.RJ LOGO - Colour Banner

‘We also aim to promote Jamaican credentials in business, the arts, science and technology, culture, academia and sport. A more progressive, diverse and enlightened view of Jamaica is available beyond the tourism narrative, and this is the narrative that we have to begin to tell. The overall goal of the Re:Imagine Jamaica Project is to ‘imagine’ Jamaica through new lens, produce new narratives to tell a more complete and complex story about this remarkable country’, says Dr Johnson.

Dr. Hume Johnson will also deliver a public lecture at the Jamaica High Commission in London on Tuesday, June 17, 2014, entitled ‘Harnessing Jamaica’s National Image for Economic Growth’.

Dr. Hume Johnson is author of the book, Challenges to Civil Society: Popular Protest and Governance in Jamaica published by Cambria Press, New York. She holds a PhD in Political Science & Public Policy from the University of Waikato, New Zealand, and publishes on governance issues, including organised crime, civil society and political participation in Jamaica. A former broadcast journalist, Dr. Johnson is currently an Assistant Professor of Public Relations at Roger Williams University, Rhode Island, USA. She is also a recognized political analyst and commentator.

Follow the Re:Imagine Jamaica Project on:

Twitter at https://twitter.com/BrandJamaica_

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/reimaginejamaica

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