PROFILE: Nicholas Wright – An Inspiring Story of Academic Excellence


Nicholas Wright, top student in Economics at the UWI and Rhode Scholarship Nominee.

By Hume Johnson, PhD

Nicholas Wright is the future of Jamaica,  a future which looks hopeful and bright. With knowledge in both Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methodologies, a vast experience in Field Research, Applied Econometrics and a working knowledge of the political framework in Jamaica, this young student of Economics and Political Science at the University of the West Indies Mona and one of the 2012 Rhode Scholarship nominees, aspires to become a noted Political and Research Economist. I reckon he will be much more.

During an  intriguing interview with him on Skype. I asked him about the reasons he sought professional coaching to prepare for his Rhode Scholarship interview and about some of the issues which plague his native Jamaica. Listen to this interview by clicking on the following link:

I met Nicholas only a few months ago when a friend and colleague of his, Stephen Johnson, approached me to coach him for his  Rhode Scholarship interview.

No floozy becomes a nominee of this prestigious award. So I agreed to coach him for his interview. What I was to learn of him and from him was a true inspiration. Nicholas grew up in a poor community of Sandy Bay Clarendon, Jamaica. His mother migrated when he was 9 years old and his father, a struggling farmer, assumed the job of raising him and his siblings. The story of the Jamaican father is often not the kind Nicholas tells. His Dad is his inspiration and from whom he says he owes his values, his ambition and his will to succeed. And succeed he has….

Nicholas graduated from the University of the West Indies with first class honours despite having done a toilsome double major in Economics and Political Science. Even more impressive is the fact that despite the demanding nature of the double major he did, Nicholas was still able to graduate with a grade point average of 4.12, the highest in the faculty for his graduating class. As a result Nicholas received a number of departmental and course prizes, among these, the renowned Nethersole Award.

Due to his hard work and dedication to success, Nicholas has received a number of academic distinctions and awards. The most notable is his recent shortlisting for the 2012 Rhodes scholarship. He has also received the Ambassador Sue Cobb Scholarship in 2011 and currently holds the G. Author Brown Bank of Jamaica Memorial Scholarship for the duration of the current Masters programme in which he is enrolled.

Even more impressive – Nicholas has made the dean’s list for all the semesters since he has been enrolled at the University of the West Indies. He was a member of the Faculty of Social Sciences Honour Society and the University of the West Indies has recognized his outstanding academic achievements at the 2012 student awards.

He is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Economics at the UWI. In his spare time, he provides research assistance to several lecturers at the University of the West Indies including, Dr. Lloyd Waller, Professor Ian Boxhill and Dr. Abdullahi Abdulkadri. He is an associate tutor of Research Methods in Political Science, a second year course in the Department of Government at the University of the West Indies. He also tutors a course in Microeconomics in the Department of Economics. His deep rooted interest in research has led him to become a partner in a booming research oriented company called Caribbean Action Researchers, operating within the Kingston Metropolitan area.

Nicholas is also a very service oriented individual and have held numerous positions in the Leo Club of Downtown Kingston, a volunteering organization in Kingston. He was very instrumental in the development and execution of a national essay competition hosted by this organization and has received a number of awards for his sterling leadership in all the portfolios he has held in this organization.

Nicholas says he is on a mission to ensure an equitable education system and a high standard of living in Jamaica.


Dr Hume Johnson is a Professor of Public Relations and Media/Communications Studies at Roger Williams University, Rhode Island, USA. She is also a Political Analyst, Broadcast Journalist and Author. Her latest book is entitled ‘Challenges to Civil Society: Popular Protest and Governance in Jamaica’ (Cambria Press, New York, 2011). She can be reached at


One Comment on “PROFILE: Nicholas Wright – An Inspiring Story of Academic Excellence

  1. Nicholas is indeed a very bright son of Jamaica. I remember doing a Philosophy course in Logic with him and there was no doubt that he was special.

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